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An Eligible Reported Tips of

$100,000 can reduce your tax liability by $7,650

Do you know about FICA Tips Tax Credit?

Do you own a restaurant or a bar?

Does your staff receive tips?

If yes, you can further reduce your Tax Liability!
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FICA Tips Tax Credit

• Tax credit for restaurants, bars, and similar businesses where employees receive tips from customers.

• Allows these businesses to reduce their tax burden by claiming a credit on the Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA taxes) they pay on their employees’ reported tips.

Why Should I Consider It?

Reward Hard-Working Staff

Encourage and support your tipped employees without bearing the full burden of related taxes.

Reduce Your Tax Liability

The FICA Tips Tax Credit equals 7.65% of reported eligible tips.

Why choose Mayatax?

Partnering with Mayatax for your FICA Tips Tax Credit needs offers several advantages.

Increased Savings

Our team can help you maximize your FICA Tips Tax Credit claim, leading to substantial tax savings.

Reduced Time & Effort

We handle the complex calculations and paperwork, freeing you up to focus on running your business.

Expertise & Guidance

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of FICA Tips Tax Credit regulations and can ensure you comply with all requirements.

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