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Senior Manager (Accounting & Taxation)


Company Overview:

Mayatax has been providing comprehensive financial solutions for over 20 years. We tailor services to each client’s needs, from strategic tax consulting to in-depth financial management. We strive to exceed expectations and drive client success.

  • Formulate strategies to increase the profitability of the company by defining processes to increase revenue and reduce costs.
  • Finding new areas where the company can grow in terms of finding new services or increasing the current engagement levels to increase the revenue of the organization.
  • Analyzing the profitability of existing and new clients by comparing the service level a customer requires with the fee clients are paying.
  • Ensure that a high level of service quality is provided to the clients so that the client advocates for others about the services of our firm.
  Client Relationship:
  • Ensure client satisfaction by acting as a liaison who gathers their needs and expectations and communicates them effectively to the appropriate teams.
  • Retain customers by understanding the nature of the business of the clients and educating the client with recommendations to save taxes, penalties, etc.
  • Devise a plan that managers take full ownership of the client regarding matters of accounting, financial statements preparations, and taxation matters.
  • Create a plan to ensure that all of the deadlines including Bookkeeping, Financial statements, Income Tax, Franchise Tax, Payroll and Sales Tax, and other deadlines are met with high accuracy.
  • Ensure managers are accountable for staying informed about the client’s business, particularly regarding potential new branches and major activities.
   Review & Quality Assurance:
  • Ensure that financial statements, tax returns, and other reports of major and complex clients are reviewed by Managers and analyzed before sending them to the client.
  • Act as an internal auditor by randomly inspecting the folders of clients to ensure that all necessary items and documents are properly placed in the folder by associates.
  • Oversee the performance of Managers by randomly inspecting the documents/deliverables in the client’s folder.
  Management & Leading:
  • Overseeing the performance of teams by proper team building and allocation of tasks (clients) to the teams, to ensure that the workload on each team member is fairly and justly distributed.
  • Prioritization of tasks and timely completion of urgent tasks with respect to the priority.
  • Prioritizing the scheduling of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables based on task sensitivity.
  • Resolving the queries of all team members related to clients or any other bookkeeping matters.
  • Ensure that Managers are taking care of the clients through proper communication to engage the customers.
  • Devise and implement strategies of communication to ease the workflow of the organization and increase the efficiency of team members.
  • Ad hoc tasks, by the immediate supervisor.

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