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Senior Associate (Accounting & Taxation)


Company Overview:

Mayatax has been providing comprehensive financial solutions for over 20 years. We tailor services to each client’s needs, from strategic tax consulting to in-depth financial management. We strive to exceed expectations and drive client success.

  Client Relationship and Client Service:
  • Responsible for all the activities of the assigned clients and take full ownership of the client regarding matters of bookkeeping, Financial Statements preparation, and Taxation matters.
  • Ensure that all the deadlines including Bookkeeping, Financial statements, Income Tax, Franchise Tax, Payroll and Sales Tax, and other deadlines are met, with accuracy in the work.
  • The manager is responsible for keeping track of the client’s business, in case of opening any new branch or any major business activity.
    Bookkeeping & Reviewing:
  • Ensure that Associates have received and placed monthly bank statements for the assigned clients in the appropriate folder by the end of the month – but latest by the 10th of the next month.
  • Ensure that Financial statements are prepared and reviewed by associates before sending them to the client, as well as responsibility for any kind of error in the statements.
  • Ensure that Associates have saved copies of PL and BS in PDF form within the appropriate folder and have informed an Account Manager for review.
  • Ensure that the Sales Tax summary, payroll summary, and payroll-related documents are downloaded by the associates and have been updated accordingly.
  • Ensure, associates have access to log in to all necessary portals including ADP, Gusto, comptroller, SOS, etc.
  • Ensure that all changes in the client’s profile are properly reflected in the tax software; including changes in ownership, addresses, etc.
  • Procure data from clients (if any) necessary for required tax returns and carry out follow-ups for pending information.
  • Check the consistency of FS numbers for the purpose of reporting to the IRS and report deviations to senior management with justifications.
  • Make sure that copies of filed tax returns/ other reports are placed in respective folders.
  Management & Leading:
  • Managing the team by timely scheduling the leaves and shifts of the team members by keeping track of leaves and attendance in a manner that all assignments are delivered to the clients timely.
  • Prioritize tasks to ensure deliverables are not delayed.
  • Scheduling prioritization of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables, as per the sensitivity of the tasks.
  • Ensure that associates are logging their hours on Canopy effectively.
  • Resolving the queries of all associates related to any clients or any other matter.
  • Monitor associates, supervise, and give feedback regarding clients and their respective tasks performed.
  • Ensure that Associates have updated the Canopy status timely and associates have updated the notes on Canopy, regarding all the activities of the clients.
  • Ensure associates, are checking admin inbox regularly and are entertaining their tagged emails timely, by responding, placing, and filing, the mail in the respective folders of clients.

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